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Insurance for Individuals and Families

All insurance shifts the potential financial burden of significant future events from an insured to an insurer. Ark Financial assists you with the decision of how to shift the risks of illness and injury, personal disability, loss of life, and loss of capacity, from you to an insurer.

We will use our experience and judgment to assist you to identify the most appropriate individual/family health care provider and policy.

Disability Insurance: Protects against the loss of earned income from a disability occurring from illness or injury to the earner. Long term disability, which provides income replacement until the earner's retirement age, is particularly important for a self-employed individual who does not have access to a group plan.

Life Insurance: Protects beneficiaries from the financial impact resulting from the death of the insured. Self-employed individuals, or individuals who get life insurance from their employer but whose insurance is not portable under favorable terms, can review their coverage, or consider coverage for the first time, with Ark Financial.

Long Term Care Insurance: Provides financial resources to maintain care for a person suffering from loss of physical or mental capacity, whether residing at home or at a professional facility. Ark Financial can help you understand your alternatives and, if necessary, direct you toward an appropriate policy.

Through private and confidential consultation, we aid in evaluating your entire personal and financial situation to develop solutions that are right for you.